Real Estate and Mortgage

The broad policy framework to consider the Spanish urban and real estate sector requires professionals to get advice from legal experts in Urban Planning , Construction and Land Subdivision Projects , Licensing and urban sanctions , Works of urbanization, compensation boards , Parcelaciones urban planning , partial plans , urban planning , etc. .

  • Acquisition holding, and transfer of real estate assets .
  • Mortgage and Foreclosure Cancellation Clause Floor
  • Establishment , maintenance and / or termination of real or personal property rights .
  • Acquisition and / or transfer of real estate companies , real estate developments and / or real estate portfolios.
  • Statutory audit of property .
  • Licenses urban and other authorizations .
  • Real estate development projects .
  • Contract work , development and construction .
  • Operations of real estate financing.
  • Conflict resolution related to the acquisition , holding, and transfer of real estate assets.