Due to the complexity and constantly changing labor regulations, we offer our customers both labor law advice to staff management of your company. We have a team of professionals with over 15 years experience in staff management:

- Staff management.
- Employment contracts.
- Preparation of Payroll, and Tax Management Final Settlements, submission of quarterly income tax returns (Form 111) and annual summary (Model 190).
- Social Insurance. Red System, TC1-TC2 models, new CRETA system.
- Self-employed professionals and housemaid contracts.
- Processing medical leave, so as Professionasl Common Contingencies, (Delt@ System)
- Labour Inspections. Assistance and Resources.
- Advice and processing of debt to Social Security. Negotiation of postponements.
- Advice and Processing pensions, widows, orphans.
- Legalization of Visits books.