Corporate Compilance

Gaab is a pioneering firm in Mallorca in the implementation of Crime Prevention Programs to all types of companies, associations , foundations, etc. , whose aim is to exempt from criminal liability to both the Company and its directors and managers in the event commission of a crime within the company through its internal and external controls .

The recent legislative reforms in the field of criminal and economic law, especially those introduced in the current Penal Code , have forced corporations to enter Internal Corporate Government mandatory to avoid any sentences that could be imposed on them .

- Fines between 30 and 5,000 euros per day ( non-payment of the same may lead to legal action by the Company ) .

- Compensation to the injured ( reparations ) .

- Temporary closure of the business establishment.

- Dissolution of the legal person .

- Temporary suspension of the activity.

- Inability to obtain tax exemptions or social benefits for a maximum of 15 years.

- Inability to opt for a maximum of 15 years or to qualify for Public Subsidies and Public Sector Tenders aid .

- Judicial intervention of the company.

The Penal Code does not establish what controls are that companies should implement to avoid being charged criminally , generating a sense of legal uncertainty. Therefore, the best way to avoid risk is to implement a program of Corporate Defense to help mitigate such criminal responsibility through a system of governance and implementation protocols internal control aimed at preventing these situations.

  • Drafting the Code of Professional Conduct tailored to each sector.
  • Review and update of basic standards of corporate governance for its relevance to policy reforms and good governance practices ( Unified Code of Good Governance , 2006 ) .
  • Development of special rules on certain matters .
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Insider .
  • Formation .
  • Periodic Audit on compliance program .

Gaab makes available to its clients, including large corporations , associations, SMEs and freelancers , a team of lawyers and experts in the anti -money laundering national and international standards , which have SEPBLAC Executive Officer Certification - Service are counted Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering , belonging to the Bank of Spain to :

  • Audit verification and detection risk .
  • Registration and high in SEPBLAC .
  • Implementing Internal Code of Conduct adapted to sector.
  • Design of Communication Protocols with SEPBLAC .
  • Verification of suspicious transactions.
  • Training e -learning.
  • Consultation Service .
  • Defense before administrative and judicial bodies in open disciplinary proceedings or criminal charges .

This has the support of national and international firm lawyers " GD CORPORATE COMPLIANCE ", located in Madrid, built by a team of experts in the Prevention of Money Laundering and implementation of Corporate Compliance Programs , with years of experience sector being a law reference in the field nationally.