Contamos con un equipo asociado que cubre todos nuestros servicios, seleccionados con nuestros criterio COFI (Competencia, Objetividad, Fiabilidad e Independecia)



             BARTOLOMÉ RAMÓN (Abogado)

GD Corporate Compliance

In January 2014, our firm has signed an agreement with the firm GD Corporate Compliance and Managing Partner, Mr. Alejandro Guerra Medina, located in Madrid, so that all our customers have, at their service an office in the Spanish capital if they needed, and thus receive the same treatment and professional care that is offered in Gaab, Mallorca.
Similarly, both GD Corporate Compliance clients and its lawyers have our offices in Mallorca to all their matters that are settled in the Islands.
Both firms are cooperating actively offering and exchanging their experience and expertise in all law areas, in the search for greater coverage and service to our customers.

Castresana Asesores y Abogados

The agreement signed between Gaab and Castresana, one of the leading firms on the island lead by José María Castresana Hugas allows our clients to access to a taxation services leveraging the tax benefits offered by the national and international tax law counting with countless technical and human resources to provide these services to both individuals and businesses quickly with trust and quality.