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COCEMFE Comprehensive Plan calls for Employability of People with Disabilities

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The Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities ( COCEMFE ) claims to ministries of Employment and Social Security and of Health, Social Services and Equality design a comprehensive plan for Employability of People with Disabilities, to provide a framework for regional plans and that is intended to achieve maximum employability and activation of this sector of the population.
"People with disabilities need to have a strategy of action and strong legislation to regulate and promote employment , more in a time of economic crisis that are always the most vulnerable who are affected most ," argues President COCEMFE Mario García .
The Confederation believes that this Plan should increase and facilitate public-private partnerships , enhance and guidance brokerage services ;to cover all aspects related to the employability of people with disabilities , and further promote business cooperation , and promoting good monitoring compliance with the law, establishing support measures for this participation , attitudes and seeking socially responsible companies.
Also, from COCEMFE bet to increase bonuses and support existing recruitment and increase workplace inspections for businesses meet the reserve quotas , and that public procurement is conducive to a greater extent , those companies exceeding the legal compliance , hiring people with disabilities or alternative compliance measures .
COCEMFE President said that " the employment figures show that much remains to be done to achieve full employment integration. Although in the last ten years there has been significant progress and a positive trend in the number of contracts in 2012 this trend was broken and began to increase the number of unemployed people, especially the group of women who still have a very important difference from men in all employment indicators such as labor force participation, unemployment , and wage differential . "
Also, the agency aims to rural areas , where problems are multiplied mobility and access to employment is more limited in the absence of a wide range of companies which come for their employment